1. Analysis of the situation with carbon emission in the border region.
  2. Monitoring of air pollution in the towns will be done in all 9 project municipalities (Berovo, Pehchevo, Delchevo, Vinica in Macedonia and Blagoevgrad, Simitli, Kresna, Strumyani and Sandanski in Bulgaria) as a starting point of the project, with responsibility of both project partners.
  3. Two Workshops with local authorities and business sector will be organized in East (MK) and Blagoevgrad (BG) region
  4. Development of joint cross-border low-carbon economy policy paper is core activity of the project that will be implemented in 9 project municipalities with participation of local stakeholders and using data from activities 1 and 5. Conducting carbon foot print reports with recommendations for public and business facilities in the region is important activity for target groups that will provide framework for the next activities towards reduction of carbon consumption and it will be implemented in all 9 project municipalities.
  5. Establishing cross-border network for joint low-carbon economy will be one of the outputs of the project with participation of all relevant stakeholders from East and Blagoevgrad region, responsible for monitoring of implementation of Joint policy paper and provide future cooperation.
  6. Study visits for experience exchange will be organized in Blagoevgrad and East region in order to promote positive examples connected to the low-carbon economy.
  7. Informative public campaign on Climate change and the importance of lowering the Carbon footprint will be implemented in both project regions, using different approaches and different media channels.
  8. Final conference for promotion of the project results will held in Pehchevo with participation of representatives from both project regions.