Promote measures to reduce CO2 emissions in the region

  • As a result of the directions contained in the Joint policy paper for Low-Energy Economy in the cross-border region, which was prepared and adopted by the involved stakeholders in the final phase of the Project Joint Integrated Policy for Low-Carbon Economy  in the cross-border region, in the past period the municipalities and other affected stakeholders are focused intensively on their implementation.

In the municipalities of Berovo, Pehchevo and Delcevo, photovoltaic systems are installed on the roofs of 3 public institutions , which is expected to reduce the CO2emissions, but also significant savings in electricity will be made, which will directly reduce the costs of the municipalities. The sources for the realization of these projects are provided by the EU funds.

Additionally, the Air quality reports and measures for their improvement are an important basis for the municipalities for the implementation of the specific  measures and activities. There is a on-going initiative to set up an air quality measuring station in the region.

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