Final Conference in Pehcevo, 11-12.01.2018

Final Conference in Pehcevo, 11-12.01.2018

On 11-12 of January 2018, in Pehcevo, Republic of Macedonia was held a Final Conference of the project  “Joint Integrated Policy for Low-Carbon Economy in Cross-Border Region”, with a Ref. No.CB006.1.11.165 under First Invitation of Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Programme, CCI No.2014TC16I5CB006.

At the conference were presented the results of the completed project activities, including the results of the Air Monitoring carried out in the field of air pollution in the Cross-Border Region, the Joint Low-Carbon Economy Policy Recommendations Report for the Transition of the Region to Low-Carbon Economy with guidelines and recommendations to the local and regional authorities, the establishment of a Cross-Border Informal Network for supporting the process of transition of the Region to Low-Carbon Economy, etc.

During the Conference was presented the Manual for Self Assessment with a questionnaire for self-assessment of the carbon footprint of companies, institutions and organizations, and a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the partner organizations – the Association “Center for Medicinal Herbs and Berries Ambrosija” Pehcevo, Republic of Macedonia and the Association “Cluster of renewable energy sources” from Blagoevgrad, Republic of Bulgaria.

Representatives of both organizations expressed satisfaction with the results achieved and committed  to support the Cross-Border Region during the transition to a Low-Carbon Economy after the project’s completion.





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